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Fetish Desires

Mistress Aurora The Chastiser Fetish Services

Mistress Aurora  is Your Temptress, Your Torment, Your Tantalizing Enigma

Aurora's Testimoinals

Now Available Full Toilet Training with Lady Philia

My Wish List
  1. Lady Philia
    Lady Philia
  2. Lady Philia
    Lady Philia
  3. Scat Play
    Scat Play
  4. Lady P
    Lady P
  5. Toilet Slave
    Toilet Slave


Fetish Photography
Foot / Boot Worship
Role Playing
Cross Dressing
Forced Feminisation
Corp Punishment

Caning / Flogging
Over Night Stays
Leash Training

Body Torture

Hair Pulling
Saran Wrapping
Forced Swallowing
Food Play
Ice Play
Human Furniture

Human Ashtray
Hot Wax Play
Toy Worship

Sensory Overload
OTK Spankings

Blood Play
Sent Play

Email Assigments
Wallet Rape

Skype Sessions
Catheter Play
Non Safe Word Play
Alcohol Enemas
Enema Control
Bamboo Bondage

Belly Punching
Face Smothering
Hair Fetish
Ball Nailing, Stapling, Sewing, Crushing

Couples for training, fun,voyeurism 
Fire Fleshing
Fire Cupping
Isolation Cell
Electro Stimulation
Electric Chair Play
ErosTek ET312
P.E.S Box
Violet Wanda


Double Dom Sessions With Mistress Aurora & Lady Raven

Shopping Together
Sensory Deprivation
Impact Play
Edge Play
Breath Control
Bondage / Heavy / Light

Repentance Play
Racial Role Play
Maid Training
Nipple Play/Torture
Smoking Fetish
Medical Play
Tease & Denial
Tickle Torture
Face Slapping
Tampon Training
Urethral Sounding

Adult Baby (No Poo)
H20 Sports
Physical Humiliation
Psychological Abuse
Nylon Fetish
Needle Play

Cuddling / Talking
Physical  Overloads
Arm Pit Smothering
Hair Fetish
Knife Play

Toilet Training with Lady Philia only


Mistress's Turn Offs

Smelly Bottoms
Fishy Smelly Cocks

Unresponcive Subs
Over Talkers
Toothless Men
Cocky Attitudes
Filthy Dirty Liars

Bad Breath

My Dislikes does not mean that I will not see you!  Some of you are taking this way to serious! Get a grip! grow a set of balls already.

Mistress Auroras Fetish Services

My Body Stats

Mistress Auroras Fetish Services

Definition of Desires
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Enter as you are
emerge as I want you to be

Athletic Build
Physically Strong
X National Champion Bodybuilder/Fitness Competitor
5' 6" Flat Footed
6' In Heels
40 D
32 Waist
42 Hips
Size 12 Dress
Size 8 to 9 Shoes
170lbs Solid

Hand Size Lg

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Mistress Auroras Fetish Services

Session Hours: Mon -Sun 11:30 – 8pm

Phone: 706-940-BDSM / No Calls After 7pm
No Rest #'s No Text / NO SAME DAY APPTS
Email: mistress.aurora.the.chastiser@gmail.com
Dungeon Location: Western MA, Private, Discrete, Shower on locatin

You Know were this finger belongs PIGGY


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Lady Philia

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
  7. Managing Director
  8. Managing Director
Lady Philia 26 yrs with beautiful auburn hair all over. She is soft spoken, caring, sweet and  tends to be somewhat shy.

Lady Philia is a very nurturing  Young Lady. She will encourage your digestive process even if you are well seasoned . 

Do you want to rest  in it? Do you want to play in it? Do you want to let it rest in your mouth?  How about a facial ?

She is open to your desires and is very non - judgemental.

Since a very young age she has always been fascinted by her own feces, loving the smell of it and yes at times playing in it. She finds it very satisfying and rejuventing to her soul  when she gives you a belly full of her delicacy.

She will never rush your flush, and will help you through as you digest her by offering up encouragment, water or her golden nectar as your food goes down.

Fill out her booking form, all sessions will require a deposit and 48hr notice to book.

Lady Philia
Mon - Sunday
8am till 10am

Do Not Call to discuss I will respond to email only


Important Notice

Lady has limited experience in other forms of BDSM play, toilet play is all she truly desires to do. If you want to incorperaite other fetish play into your session, you will have to ask her if she can offer that service in her contact form.

If she chooses not to provide & you can afford to spend more then Mistress Aurora will be administering your desires, this will also increase your session play time.


Double Dom work available with Lady Philia & Mistress Aurora


I thought Lady P was wonderful.  I know she has a limitied scope of services, but I thought she did a great job of tailoring the session to my interests.  She's beautiful and very sweet, but she took charge and kept the session moving along very well.  Weekends are difficult and I don't know that scat is necessarily my thing, but I wouldn't hesiate to serve her again. 

Thank you agan for allowing me to spend time in you dungeon. 

Mistress Aurora you are  lovely  (with and without makeup)

Scat Boy June 2016