Mistress Aurora The Chastiser  New England's Pro BDSM

Mastering The Art Of Seduction, Desire, Torment

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Mistress Aurora The Chastiser

Mistress Aurora The Chastiser

You Need Me

New England's Pro Dom
14 yrs exp
Mastering The Art Of

Mature, Experienced, Seductive,Understanding,
Nonjudgmental, Controlled,
Gentle, Strict, Harsh,
Creative, Witty, Smart,Fun
Mistress Aurora Pro Dom New England
Aurora The Chastiser Ma Domination

No Text No Calls After 7pm No Res #'s

Mistress 4-30-16

Thank you very much for a great session, I had forgotton what a good time with you was truly like!
You will be the only Mistress I session with moving forward with my BDSM play.

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Aurora Pro Dom New England
Aurora Pro Dom New England
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Aurora Pro Dom New England
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Mistress Aurora
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