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Enter as you are
emerge as I want you to be

This is where your journey begins, in my box of metamorphisis. Designed by me with you in mind to enjoy many different experiences, such as: complete isolation, discomfort, psychological torment, sleep deprivation, sensory overload or sensory deprivation, kidnapped captured and left to your own demise or whatever other creepy things my depraved mind can conjure. My head is full of endless suprises for you and me both.

Do you crave a challenge?  Can't find the escape you need? Do you desire to be left alone to soak in your pity? Do you want to test your will to survive?  Do you want to feel captured like a prisoner of war, to be mentally tormented, physically tormented and starved? This is the perfect place to test your will, your strength, your mental capacity. This will be tough on you, but you will be in the hands of a skilled Mistress who is sane, not irresponsible or malicious, and will keep you safe, somewhat sane (LOL) & protected! This is a journey, not a vaction!

I can promise you this, you will leave here with a new heightened state of mind. Nowhere else will you feel so out of control, away from decision-making and with a loss of self-determination.

Most importantly is that by being here you will know you have fulfilled not only your desires, but mine as well. Depending on your stay length, you may be offered food, water, granted permission to use the toilet, shave and have a shower, or earn basic necessities like a blanket, a tooth brush, or a bar of soap. Book your stay in my box today! See more info below....

Location Information  M.A's Woodshed your new isolated destination, located in Western MA . 
If you need to fly out to me for the weekend or a 24hr session stay the closest airport to me is in Hartford Ct.  Bradley International airport. M.A's Woodshed is 1 hr from there. The next airport would be in Boston, Logan Airport which is 2 hrs from me.   As part of your package deal I will be picking you up or one of my subs from either place. We will be taking you back or you can rent a car to get to me. I will never offer a kidnapping scene at the airport this is NOT SAFE! We  can however do that elsewhere.

Rates will be based according to your needs and desires! This will require my skills, my time, my engery, and maybe some sleepless nights to ensure that this is the best experience of your life, and to ensure that you are safe. The rates will vary depending on the complexity of your scene and the length of your stay. I want you to email me a very polite letter about your desires for this game and how long you want to stay here. I will  email you back with your  session rates.
In your email I need your real first name & last, your phone number, and what state you live in, email me at:: mistress.aurora.the.chastiser@gmail.com

All Play is consenual and carfully tailored to your desires and some of mine. Once we speak and confirm a session date a deposit of 25% of your total package rate will be due. Cancellations on any session will require 2 week notice in advance or you forfeit your deposit.