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You get what you pay for so be careful of hotel Mistress's that offer low rates or 20 year olds who think they are Doms because they can hold a whip and have hot little bodies. That's great to look at, but they can truly lack the knowledge and experience that you need to ensure you don't waste your hard earned money or possibly get robbed or busted. This could be devastating and leave you with a bad taste in your mouth about Doms. We are all not alike! It's like the difference between a Porsche and a Pinto... LOL! It would be better for you to invest a little more money to pay for a professional.
You ask what constitutes a Professional?  It is maturity, life experience, and having a non-judgemental mind set. It helps to have some understanding of psychology and people skills. It would also help if a mistress or master has spent years crafting their skills, enjoy what they do and are in it to help the sub with clarity and understanding of their desires.
I see myself as an artist; every sub I encounter I see as a blank canvas and it is my job to think creatively, helping paint that picture in his mind and take him on the journey of his desires.  I am a professional photographer, being very artistc and creative by nature; I love taking the journey with my subs.
I have lived a very colorful life having experienced many different facets of this life. I am not a man hater, I am stable and will not do anything to you that you do not ask for or seek.
I have been working as a pro dom for 12 years across the nation. My dungeon is safe / sane and well equipped. It is clean with subdued lighting. I play music while I work, which can range from new age to industrial depending on my mood and the play scene. I have a shower for you to clean up. Finally, my dungeon is located in a very quiet and discreet  location, and I do not pratice in delights that I am not medically licensed in as others may do! SAFETY & SECURITY COME FIRST, being discrete and professional always.
Deposits / CancellationPolicies
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Deposits are required on all sessions except for the paid per min phone calls. Balances are due on private sessions the day of your arrival and on the skype sessions before we start. Mistress reserves the right to cancel you out for any reason she deterimens without providing you a refund or reason. This can happen if I find you rude, unwilling to comply with me or follow my instructions. You may cancel an appt 48hrs in advance and you can reschedule within a reasonable time frame. If you do not reschedule, then you will lose your deposit and will have to put up another deposit the next time you want to play or skype. If you call me the day of our session and cliam to be sick, then you must reschedule in order to not lose your deposit. Rescheduling will be granted permission only once, if you canel or no show again you will lose your deposit and be put on a black list and I will never book you again.

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$50 only

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$50 min or full session rate

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1. Copy My email matc4u@gmail.com

2. Click Deposit here below, it will take you to Amazon.com for an electriconic gift card; once there paste my email, they will notify me, then I will contact you back.

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