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    June 10th - 13th Of 2017 Visiting Montreal Pro BDSM Services
    If you missed Mistress Aurora in May now's your chance to experience this very powerful, skilled Domme coming from New England USA. Find yourself falling under her spell. Mistress Aurora The Chastiser is Stern, Sensual, Commanding, skilled, sensual and in complete control she is booking private sessions, and working out of Lilli's Dungeon in the city on Montreal Don't wait BOOK HER NOW http://www.mistress-aurora-the-chastiser.com/book-me Or Call (706) -940-2376 Mistress Auroras Private Phone Number call between 9am and 7pm Or Call and speak to Ms. Lilly at (514) 525-1852 Call between 8 am and 11pm
In order to book a session with me for our time together in Cananda you will need to send me an email with a discription of your fetish desires. Pick a date and start time and session length. I will be working out of a well established Dungeon, Lilli's Dungeon

Once we confirm the date and time, a small deposit will need to be placed in order for me to place you on my calander, there is no other way around this.

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Deposits are needed on all sessions once we both confirm a date, time and session length. I can not travel 5 hrs to you without serious bookings

Are you ready to give up all control?