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  1. We Will Take You down
    We Will Take You down
    I had been anticipating this evening for several weeks; this was to be my first experience serving two Mistresses. Traveling to western Massachusetts, I found my way down country roads and onto a gravel lane to a well-kept barn. Mistress Aurora beckoned me enter and I beheld a Goddess dressed so wonderfully in black leather, including delightful, high heel leather boots. Mistress Aurora is voluptuous, curvaceous, intelligent, sensual with an angelic face that belies a strong and commanding Nature. Her smile can be both comforting and threatening, soft or utterly controlling. She had me disrobe and pass through a curtain to the dungeon itself, graced by the presence of Lady Raven, a delectable brunette attired in PVC with an open zipper pulled just below Her waist and high heel suede boots. Her face has an exotic beauty, Her smile can be both pleasing and decidedly wicked. Both Mistresses are imaginative, creative, and capable of making one feel both desired and utterly humbled. From boot worship to bondage to a moonlit double Golden Shower, it was a unique and amazing experience. The dungeon is well-equipped, welcoming, a place to surrender to one's needs. The session ended with a wonderful hug from Mistress Aurora, now dressed in a translucent body suit which displayed Her most desirable breasts. Earlier I had been rewarded with a glimpse or two of Lady Ravens large nipples which so beautifully responded to the touch of Mistress Aurora's vibrator. All in all, a sensual delight was this session! One of the unique and exciting features of Mistress Aurora's dungeon is "The Box", a wooden cell in which one may be restrained by chains and locked in with no hope of escape until fulfilling the desires of Mistress Aurora. She may communicate with and watch the helpless victim through a slot in the door, can cover the slot and extinguish the lights for a truly ominous experience, Without specifically describing the requirements for my release from "The Box", suffice to say that i was ordered to do tasks i'd never done before. i must admit, i would do much to please Mistress Aurora, yes, in part, to avoid Her severe punishment, but more to see Her lovely smile.
  2. One Of The Best Mistresses Ever
    One Of The Best Mistresses Ever
    Testimonial Submissive Creature – August 15, 2017 Having been doing BDSM for 30+ years and seeing mistresses all over the world, HER website provided a plethora of information and pictures of HER services on offer. After making my appointment with Mistress Aurora several weeks ahead of my session with her, anticipation grew each day of dropping to my knees at Her feet, kissing them and thanking her for allowing me to serve her. Upon arrival to the “WOODSHED”, I was excited and nervous all at the same time. After entering and thanking her for allowing me to serve HER, while kissing HER magnificent boots, we talked briefly about what the session will hold for me from my earlier discussions with her prior to my appointment with HER. The session moved along fluently with each section of the session pushing my limits higher than I have in the past, which is what I had asked for. After serving mistresses all over the world, my experience with Mistress Aurora is my most memorable. HER experience and calm demeanor made me feel at ease, while her sadistic side pushed my limits to new heights, all the while making me feel totally safe under HER strict control. Whether you are new submissive, or have a vast experience to the BDSM scene, Mistress Aurora will put you through an exciting experience. Take it from someone who has seen my fair share of mistresses’ from all corners of the planet, and experiencing the high’s and low’s from those claiming to have a vast knowledge of the BDSM scene, Mistress Aurora is truly a step above (or more) than a vast majority of those out there. By looking extensively at her website, and having a chance to submit to HER, I can truly say that Mistress Aurora is the BEST mistress that I have had the pleasure of being part of HER world.
  3. Deeper Submission 10/22/16
    Deeper Submission 10/22/16
    Three words to describe Mistress Aurora: Professional, Sensual and of course, Dominant. From the moment I arrived, Mistress was in charge. I was instructed via text message to enter the dungeon, crawl to Mistress and strip before her. That text message immediately evoked feelings of submissiveness and eroticism. Within a minute of entering the dungeon i was standing naked before Mistress — the fantasy had become a reality! She was sitting, cross-legged while performing Her inspection of me which was mentally very arousing and effective at establishing the fact that I was Her submissive. She is beautiful, stern and engaging. I am below Her, I am Her slave, I am Her servant. And it only got better from there. After Mistress finished her inspection of me, i was bound at my hands and feet on her ‘torture table’ where she indulged herself on my body and mind. Throughout the session Her hand was heavy which was in contrast to her lips and whispers, which were so unbelievably sexy and soft - amazing! She made me feel welcome and safe all the while challenging my limits, which drove me emotionally into deeper submission. The session did not last after the 2 hours were over, considering She has been in my thoughts ever since. I will be returning and highly recommend Her and the experience She has to offer.
  4. Crushed Sissy Girl
    Crushed Sissy Girl
    I easily found Mistress Aurora through Backpage and she has a wonderfully informative web site. I would never visit a mistress that did not have a website, as I consider them amateurs. She has a well equipped play space in her home that is located in a beautiful and private setting. She is a beautiful, stern and caring mistress and I enjoyed my time with her. I asked to be cross dressed and made up to look like women. She did a professional make up job on me and actually made me look like a women and not a man wearing makeup. I will definitely repeat this and it may give me enough confidence to go out on a girly shopping trip with her while cross dressed. I asked her for CBT, nipple torture and pain and to push my limits. She really delivered and is the only Mistress I ever visited that made me use my safe work. She was always concerned with my well being and asked me, if I was doing well, several times throughout our session. I will definitely repeat.
  5. Casion Dog
    Casion Dog
    I am a 53 year old newbie. I had fantasized for ever about being totally subservient to a cruel mistress. I finally got the courage to act on my fantasy and made an appointment with Mistress Aurora. She answered my request and was very professional. She could sense my fear and was very good at calming my nervousness. I had difficulty in telling her exactly what experience i wanted, but she was very good at making me feel comfortable in saying things and asking for treatment that I had never said out loud. Upon my arrival she quickly took charge of the situation. Before I could 'chicken out' I was standing naked in front of her and totally at her mercy. She is as beautiful as she seems in her pictures, and in fact they probably don't do her justice. The session was incredible. I am just learning and was shy about making requests, but mistress sensed exactly what I needed and took me farther than I thought I could go. She used me like the dirty slut that I am. When I first read her ad I thought it might be too good to be true, but in reality the experience was my fantasy come true. I can't wait to return for another appointment with her and continue to learn to serve at the hands of my mistress
  6. Newbie
    I wanted to thank you for such a wonderfully amazing session the other day. Being my first DBSM experience I was unaware of what to expect. Initial contact using the form on your website was simple. Once we had spoken on the phone my nervousness/fear of what was to come seemed to fade away. Your sincere and confident voice put me at ease. The session itself blew me away, more than I could have ever imagined. Physically I have never been dominated in a way that I was begging for more. Such a powerfully seductive woman. Mentally you challenged me on a level that was cunningly seductive. The way you used the instruments was masterful. Knowing how much I could handle of each as well as when to push more kept me guessing. I cant wait to get back for another session to see what you have in store for me next, the anticipation of not knowing what is coming next is exhilarating. Thank you Mistress
  7. Sub Wimp
    Sub Wimp
    You fucking punch hard...lol. While I was a wimp with certain A Testimonial... Please take some sincere advice. If you are interested in a unique and special BDSM session with a professional Dominatrix, don't waste your time and money elsewhere. Reach out to Mistress Aurora and have the experience of a lifetime. While the photos on her website are lovely, they don't really do her justice. Trust me on this one!!! Her dungeon is exceptionally well equipped so whatever your flavor, she has the tools for the job. It's clean, safe and the overall mood is very conducive to an excellent session. But clean, safe and well-equipped don't make an enjoyable experience. Just contribute. The Mistress does and this is where Mistress Aurora out-shines all the others. With an effervescent personality and a sharp, creative mind, she can switch from playful to sinfully strict Dominatrix at the drop of a hat. Mistress is a master of the mind and, that fellas, is where it's at. So if you are sincerely interested in exploring BDSM and your submissiveness, reach out to her for an unforgettable experience.
  8. Ball Busting
    Ball Busting
    Testimonial: I was visiting the Springfield area, and Mistress Aurora was able to fit my availability into her schedule. In arranging the session, I mentioned that I like to be challenged. I would soon be regretting those words! Upon parking outside Her Dungeon, Mistress texted me to "Get out of the car, take off all your clothes and put just your sneakers on." I then called her, and was instructed to keep the phone on and follow her instructions. I then proceeded to run around my car 10 times followed by jumping jacks and push-ups! Mistress thought this was hilarious, and she thoroughly enjoyed laughing uproariously while I was working up my sweat. Only then was I allowed into her dungeon. Upon entering her Realm, I was instructed to get on my knees and kiss her boots (beautiful, sexy, black over the knee spike heeled boots.) I was going to be more intimately familiar with them soon, and not in a good way. Mistress allowed me to towel off and ordered me to drink an entire bottle of water at once. I was then restrained with my hands over my head and my ankles locked in a spreader bar. She showed her ability to quickly get a sub off their game, as she spent several long, wonderful minutes teasing me. We talked about my limits, and how I wanted to be challenged and kept off balance. Mistress made me an offer I couldn't refuse - if I could take what she was going to dish out, I would be rewarded at the end. She proceeded to clamp my nipples, but I hardly paid any attention to that after she started ball busting me with those beautiful boots. Sometimes blindfolded, sometimes without, sometimes from the front, sometimes from behind. A few knees thrown in now and then just for a change of pace. There occasional stops thrown in to yank on my nipple chains or to tease me some more. I tend to smile a lot as a defense mechanism, and Mistress was bound and determined to wipe that smile off my face. When she gets in your face, eye-to-eye, it's mesmerizing. Her eyes are captivating, but you know they can see right into as well. In between all this, I had also earned a spanking for not responding correctly several times. Twenty swats with the paddle, which I was ordered to count out. Even if you have not visited Mistress Aurora yet, you can tell how strong she is from her pictures. This is no joke, but no matter how strong you think she is, she's even stronger than that. By the end, I was just hanging helplessly by my arms while she continued battering my poor balls with her boots. Finally released, I was hooded and tied to the wall in a sitting position. This left me in a very vulnerable position for her to work over my balls with her strong hands. She would squeeze first one, then the other, until I was in delightful agony. The only breaks from this were so she could torture my sore nipples. Always back to the nipples. There was no respite once the clamps came off. I was released and bent over a bench for more paddling, after which she brought me to "The Box." Box is literally that, a small closet in the corner. Before putting me in there, she filled a mason jar with her golden nectar. She placed this in the box, along with another empty mason jar. Securing me in the box on a chair by my neck and one hand, I was then ordered to release in to the empty jar. With the door to the box closed, there is a slot about waist high through which Mistress would watch me and taunt me. Finally given permission to cum, I then was instructed to drink my cum, washed down with the other jar of her delectable piss. For good measure, Mistress filled another jar for me to finish. When she finally released me, I than was ordered to clean the floor of the box and outside the box of any and all spilled cum or piss. With half an hour left to play, Mistress announced that I had earned my "reward." My reward was to be strapped down to her bondage table. After another spanking, of course. Little did I know how long that last half hour could be. Mistress told me my reward was to me smothered by her beautiful ass. All the while she was smothering me, with the occasional let up to gasp a quick breath, she continued all sorts of torments to my cock, balls, and nipples. Mistress pulled out a Hitachi-type want with an evil attachment, some sort of hard rubber that came to a point. Perfect for torturing sore nipples or balls. But She really found my soft spot when she started using it to tickle my feet. I've never in my life had anything like that done to me. It was delightful and tortuous all at once. Mistress would stop occasionally to smother me some more with her gorgeous ass, or crush my face into her armpit. And yes, you can be smothered by an armpit when someone is as strong as Mistress Aurora. From time to time she would release my head from her armpit or ass, but only to slap me or spit on me. I loved every painful second of that last 30 minutes. Finally, as my final reward, Mistress worked on my cock with another attachment for Her wand that drained all of the tension from me. Since I was going to go check into my hotel after our session, Mistress decided I should drive there with her scent still fresh on my face. I didn't want it to ever go away, and I was disappointed when I finally had to shower later that afternoon. Definitely the most intense session I ever had in my life, but by a caring, experienced Mistress who was in control the whole time. It's probably good I don't live in the area, because I wouldn't be able to stay away.
  9. Ass Slut
    Ass Slut
    Ms A Just wanted to send a note of reflection after our session last Tuesday. First and foremost your web site does not do you or your facilities justice - your vibrant personality, beauty and grace far exceed expectations. Your ability to be forceful yet fun made for a fulfilling afternoon. From the opening inspection to the closing in fisting there was never a question as to who was in charge. My face is still raw and stinging from your left, right, left, right slapping and my slut whole still hasn't closed tight. Your ability to work my ass from small to extremely large dildo was torture and amazing - my eyes went wide when presented with red knobs, but you gently forced all the ribs past my spastic sphincter - only to finish with my goal of having your woke hand inside and dancing as your slut puppet - wow, wow Thank You Your Whore
  10. One Grateful  Sub
    One Grateful Sub
    I can not express in words how lucky I am to serve Mistress Aurora faithfully now for about 2 years. I will admit that I fell hard for her and had to pull back some in order to keep in vanilla life in tact, she is the best Dom that I have ever had the opportunity to serve and I have been at it for close to 20yrs. I use to think that I was a gifted smart man until she made me realize that she was much smarter than I, she is always 10 steps ahead of me, she is very intelligent, alluring, smart, caring, and beatfuil. she will keep your head twisted if you get caught in her allure. Mistress Aurora has taught me how to serve wholeheartedly, with all of my being, mind, body and soul, she you push you harder than you can imagine. There is nothing that I will not do for her if she ask of me. We have a very strong bond, she is my muse, my mentor, a great life coach. She believes in me when I don't think to much of myself. Though she is very intimidating and scary if she is angered by your stupidity! Her kindness is untouchable and you will crave to be back in her hands.
  11. Sub D
    Sub D
    Recently I had the great pleasure to experience a session with Mistress Aurora. I've previously had the opportunities to session with several seasoned Domes so I'm no stranger to Mistresses and the skills they possess, or don't for that matter. Upon arriving I'm not sure if I was more taken by Mistress Aurora's stunning radiance or by her enthusiasm for what she does all so well. For myself personally, this was the most intense, fond memoried session I've ever had. Mistress is wickedly evil and clearly revels in being completely sadistic while taking you to the most desirable limits you could imagine and beyond. All the while a feeling of comfort and trust was constant knowing that I was in the hands of and under the power of a professional, experienced passionate Domme. Or I guess as comfortable as you can be while being totally tortured. This was a very revitalizing experience and being under the control of Mistress Aurora once again is something I look forward to. I would strongly encourage like minded others and anybody interested in self exploration, growth and the depths of BDSM to do the same. '
  12. Sub D
    Sub D
    As this was my first time approaching a mistress, was a little nervous when making contact with Mistress Aurora. However after making initial contact by email. , she was quick to respond and put me at ease. She required a small initial deposit, but it was done very professionally and went off without a hitch The session day came and was a little nervous. Drove to her house where she has a nice session room set up. She greeted me at the door and looked great!! Got the ground rules out of the way and the session started. She very much paid attention to what I had requested and was awesome at the role play. Since it was my first time, she was very keen as to if this was what i had wanted ( which it was) I definitely will see he again and highly recommend her
  13. Kentucky Sub
    Kentucky Sub
    Mistress Aurora Just came to Kentucky this past Sept 2015 and oh boy am I glad she did. This was not my first time with a mistress, I saw her ad on Back-page and called to session with her. She was a true professional, and very easy to talk to. I could tell by her enthusiasm that she really loved her job and couldn't wait to play with me LOL! I never got the scene that she was just in it for the money like with most other doms I've been with. I always felt a sense that they were really not into it for anything but the money, they lacked passion, knowledge and desire. Mistress Aurora was spell bounding, she is very talented, beautiful. She took complete control of me and started wrapping me in plastic wrap, along with duck tape, gagged me, put a wig on me, smeared red lip stick all around my slutty mouth and placed me in front of a mirror and made me look at myself as a slutty women, soon to be had! She got in my head deeper than anyone has ever done before. She was so good, I had to have more so I booked her two days in a row 2 hrs each day, I could not get enough of her and even told her that i would fly up her way to session with her in MA. She is well worth the investment. She has an insight that surpasses most.
  14. Piggy Boy
    Piggy Boy
    After many years of imagining what my very first experience would be like, I finally had an encounter with Mistress Aurora. Wow! is all that I can say. She knew exactly how to treat me as a beginner while at the same time pushing me to the most exotic limits I ever imagined that my body could undergo. She treated me exactly as I needed to be treated. From the moment I walked into the room where she immediately made display every part of myself to her, until the last moment when I walked out of the door, I was in another world. I can't wait until I see her again and I plan on it very soon.
  15. Nail Slut
    Nail Slut
    Let me start by saying that Mistress Aurora is the REAL DEAL. Even though she is drop-dead gorgeous and has a body that would put most 20 year to shame; she is not just another lipstick and lingerie dominatrix that looks good in photos and has no skills. My first session with her was the most intense I’ve ever experienced! We worked out the details of what things I’d like to happen, and on the day of my session with her, I received simple directions over the phone to a lovely country home. As I approached, however, I received a text message indicating that she was going to be in 100% control of the situation! I was ordered to pull into the garage, go in the inside garage door, strip naked and crawl to her inside her dungeon. She was in the dom role completely and took control of me both psychologically and physically. When the session was over, we got a chance to chat, and at no point did I feel like I was being rushed out the door because my time was up. She looked absolutely gorgeous and yet was absolutely cruel and controlling. The dungeon was very pleasant and was chock full of bondage furniture and devices that could keep an experienced sub happy for years!
  16. Psychological Damage
    Psychological Damage
    First Mistress Aurora is an incredible person… her ritual CFNM body inspections upon entering her domain may rattle your nerves but it is all good. We communicated lightly prior to our session - just enough to lay some framework for some psych play, but i had no idea exactly what we were going to do. Mistress’ plan was for us to engage in an intense mind ***k. And intense it was… Mistress is very skilled at making you psychologically uncomfortable and then physically stressing your body. Needless to say our interrogation session was exhilarating and I look forward another intense and concentrated session…Oh, my mouth was tormented to
  17. 1-8-16 Sub Jbon
    1-8-16 Sub Jbon
    I recently scheduled a session with Mistress Aurora. It was one of the most memorable encounter that I have ever had in a BDSM session. She was quick in responding and precise in what she expects from you. Do not lie to her about your likes and dislikes or your level of pain. She will take you there! Her dungeon is very well equipped for most scenes and very clean. It is very private and well appointed. Her beauty and choice of outfits goes beyond your wildest dreams. Whether your a first-timer or experienced player, she would be my first choice. Charisma and understanding goes a long way.
  18. 1-16-16 Worth The 3hr Drive
    1-16-16 Worth The 3hr Drive
    Hi Mistress! I just wanted to thank you for yesterday! I know it was crazy for me driving so far out to see you, but it was completely worth it. The session was perfect! You took control and introduced new things to me that pushed my limits farther than I would have thought. Thank you for everything! I will definitely be looking to make another trip out in the future. Clint
  19. Powder Slut 1-25-16
    Powder Slut 1-25-16
    Mistress Aurora is the real deal. She is a real, live honest to goodness dominatrix who knows not only her craft and is highly skilled, but clearly has a passion for this. Gentleman, this is no run of the mill "craigslist" deal. Mistress Aurora is a high caliber mistress who is all she claims to be and much more. You can feel safe expressing your decedent, sick desires and kneeling at her feet. She knows. She cares, and for those sincere enough this striking goddess will to take you places you dare dream about. Be careful what you wish for, as Mistress Aurora can be the grantor to thoe darkest fantasies.
  20. The Squril That Craves Cock Jan 2016
    The Squril That Craves Cock Jan 2016
    Dear Mistress Aurora, Thank you for a delicious session and for putting me at ease. For the longest time one of my fantasies was to be taken by my lover to a dominatrix for a punishment/training session, and you helped to make it a reality. I suspect that there are many other women who share a similar fantasy … or I should say those women who are in a real life D/s relationship or who enjoy D/s role play. I hope that the session was as enjoyable for you as it was for us. I think it would be wonderful if the experience led to your sessioning with other D/s or M/s couples where the submissive/slave could be either male or female. All the very best to you and yours,
  21. NEW TO DOMINATION Latex Sally Feb 20th 2016
    NEW TO DOMINATION Latex Sally Feb 20th 2016
    I am writing this testimonial to honor Mistress Aurora. I am new to the world of Dominatrix, and have fantasized about this for many years often wanting to have an experience with a Dominatrix but anxiety and fear have gotten in the way many times. Now being much older I was able to explore this fantasy of many years. In exploring the Internet I found there were many options for such an experience close by. Mistress Aurora web site caught my eye most. I think some how I felt more at ease and was hoping for a more supportive experience and I got it from her I set up my appointment that went very smooth even asked to speak with her which was so much the write thing. In talking to Mistress Aurora I felt greatly at ease and supported being my first experience. The day came and both my excitement and and my anxiety grew. I new from my early reassurance in looking at her web site and the phone call I just needed to turn myself over to this amazing professional. So that is what I did she was strong but supportive, gentle but firm. My fantasy that I found out later that's very common for men was to have a forced feminizing session. I found out after that this was one of many Mistresses specialties. Through out the session I felt mistress ability to take me to a new place one that I have never experienced before. Besides her extensive experience she had a deep intuition for were I was emotionally at any given time. This deep intuition allowed me to feel safe and to totally surrender to her and the experience which made it so amazing. Reflecting back a few days after the experience I continued to feel very satisfied. Deep within there was a calmness that I have never felt before as if some primal need for the first time had been satisfied. My plans are to continue working with Mistress Aurora as I now await my next session eagerly. Oh and did I say, I wake from sleep thinking of her and get so very excited! What a beautiful creature she is; more so than her pictures! latex Sally
  22. The perception of a Male Dom From Bound in Boston Con
    The perception of a Male Dom From Bound in Boston Con
    It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and watch you play with that couple, the highlight of the play party for us, without question. Especially important was to see the connection you had with them, to me that's what this is all about. The smiles, the sense of accomplishment. You managed that with a couple you had just met, I would say don't concern yourself with what other "two doms" have to say, it's clear to me your heart is in the right place. Hope to see you again, and be well. Thank You D
  23. Once A Dream Now a Reality ( Novice ) 4-31-16
    Once A Dream Now a Reality ( Novice ) 4-31-16
    Being a relative novice i was not sure what to expect . I was excited but very nervous about making appoint with Mistress Aurora. I am very glad I worked up the nerve to follow through with it because WOW! Mistress helped fulfill a lot of my fantasies and then some . She was a caring teacher that left no question who was in control. Between the hint of a southern drawl and drop dead gorgeous looks I was putty in her capable hands . Thank you again Mistress!
  24. The Kid 22yrs,  his first session ever
    The Kid 22yrs, his first session ever
    Testimonial: This was my first experience with a Dom. I had been researching Mistress Aurora for about a year before making the appointment. Needless to say it was quite an amazing experience. She really helped me ease into the session with leash training, which helped extinguish a lot of the anxiety I had going into the session. I didn't know what to expect, since it was my first time, but Mistress was very helpful in so many ways, Mistress Aurora taught me the proper ways of worshipping a Mistress, and I did everything in my power to follow her every command, I failed at one of them which is why I am in the corner in the picture. Mistress Aurora brought out the best and most obedient side of me, and after this experience I would never serve another Mistress besides her. She has the gift of bringing both comfort and terror to her subs during her sessions. She really helped ease me into the lifestyle, and fulfilled many of my fantasies I never thought I could live out. I am eager to serve Mistress Aurora again, and I would highly recommend any one who has never experienced anything along these lines to go to Mistress Aurora. She will give you an experience you will never forget! My only wish is that I had made an appointment earlier. Note to Mistress: Thank you so much for the experience today Mistress, I hope to serve you again sometime, and I will never serve another dom. It was amazing. I hope I didn't disappoint you. Thank you for teaching me the proper ways of serving, I will never forget the session today!
  25. Sub Daze 8-2016
    Sub Daze 8-2016
    I wish I could find the words to describe just how outstanding You were!!!!! You truly have it ALL going for You - Personality & Attitude, Professionalism, Imagination & Creativity, Experience, Wickedness, etc, etc, etc...and I'd be lying if I said I did not notice &/or I'd be remiss if I did not mention Your Super HOT Mesmerizing Mind Blowing good looks (OMG Your eyes, lips, hair, voice, figure & individual body parts)!!!!! I especially enjoyed that You treated me so special & spent some time talking with me both during & after our session. This slave loved nothing better than surrendering to You, a World Class Domme, to be just totally dominated & humiliated. I am a true body worshiper at heart too & loved getting to see Your sweet & sensuous side which You expertly mixed in with all Your wicked strictness & sternness that I asked for! OMFG!!! I could go on & on...but I'd run out of space and also bore You, not to mention others must have surely beaten me to any praise or accolade I could possibly bestow upon You as I am a mere mortal unworthy slave...
  26. Sensory Deprivation 10/21/16
    Sensory Deprivation 10/21/16
    This was my first visit to Mistress Aurora, I wish I had found her much sooner. Her website is highly informative and setting up an appointment was extremely easy. When I arrived, she made me feel very much at ease, we had a short discussion and then session started. It was by far one of the best experiences I have ever had. After the session I showered and we talked for a bit. I never felt rushed. She's a master of her craft, she took me to my limit and skillfully took me beyond. She knew exactly how far to go. It was one of the most intense and satisfying experiences that I have had. I have traveled extensively and visited many pro dommes/dungeons. Mistress Aurora is on par, if not better than many of the dommes that I have sessioned with. Her skills and talents are beyond compare. Her dungeon, the woodshed, is absolutely amazing, it is full of top notch equipment and is on the same level with many of the dungeons that I have visited before. I highly recommend a visit to see Mistress Aurora at the woodshed. You will not regret it. I am already looking forward to my next trip to see her at the woodshed.
  27. I Have Total Control of his place in life
    I Have Total Control of his place in life
    He's a sub I've never met whom I am controlling from a distance! You see the power I have over him? Look at his picture frame on his night stand! He wakes and goes to sleep daily in worship to me. It was all his doings not mine!!!! H He writes me to say this::::: Having Your picture on my night table makes me feel connected to You , i worship Your beauty every single day , its like i have and need to be loyal to You , even if we didn't met, yet , or talk to each other. To me Your the supreme perfection of a Dominant and demanding woman, and i have an immense respect towards that. You will love what i just finish making for You .....i have to confess that i have try it as i look at Your picture !! Your truly ...philippexx
  28. Exploring My New Life---  Frank 2019
    Exploring My New Life--- Frank 2019
    I had an exhilarating session with Mistress Aurora. I highly recommend her. This dome knows her stuff. She is a far cry from those silly little skinny blondes with a whip and paddle who are only into the lifestyle for the money. Mistress Aurora is not only a lifestyle dominant. She is the type of person who really gets it--she gets right into your headspace and quickly assumes command and control. My session included some pretty heavy CBT and sensory deprivation. I had no idea what came next. Speaking of "came," she started the session with a fair warning: if I made any sort of mess on her immaculate dungeon floor I would be responsible for a full clean up with my tongue. I was therefore, very careful. Mistress Aurora's CBT was exquisite. My cock was placed in a heavy vise and then my balls were pulled down with a series of heavy weights. I was commanded not to move while she slowly and menacingly swung this contraption from left to right, forward and back. In the meantime she placed a spiked chair under my ass and ordered me to get up and down first slowly and them more quickly. My full hardon at the start of the session shrunk to nothingness and this was going on. Mistress Aurora devoured my male-ness and I was her complete and total slave. The only sustenance I had was the regular her regular spit in my mouth! My body heat was sizzling inside that fully zippered hood and leather straight jacket. I was next commanded to lie on what seemed like a modified rack. My ankles and wrists were secured and then came the soft and hardening sounding. My pee hole was stretched and pulled with at least four sounds, each was larger than the previous one. My nipples were being tortured at the same time. This is one flexible domme; not only is she devastatingly quick she is physically imposing. She takes full advantage of her previous life as a professional body builder. The finale was tantalizing--full on wax and heat play. My cock, my thighs and my nipples were treated with a slow hot pour of delicious molten wax. Mistress Aurora is a top-flight, highly experienced lifestyle dominant. All of you are ordered to get your sniveling asses to her immediately!! You will never regret that you did.