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Mistress Aurora The Chastiser
I am all about having fun with you. I have been told by some that my pictures up here are sceary and it appearls that I am hard core, the pictures you see are pictures of my collared subs desires. I am extremely easy to talk with and I love to laugh and have fun while we work together; however if I need to get you to conform I can become very harsh!
My Dungeon is fully equipped in a very secluded, private, and safe location in Pioneer Valley,  I have a shower and supplies on hand for your comfort.
I'm ready to help you discover and uncover those deep dark desires that you've been suppressing most of your life. Are you a lifelong player who needs a Stronger Dom to push you beyond your limits? Are you a very powerful man who needs to give up control to a Beautiful, Strong, Smart, Sexy Woman who can bring you to your knees and show you who's BOSS? Are you tired  of controlling the company and being responsible for other peoples lives? If you said yes Mistress! Then you just need to let go, and give me control.
Have you ever thought  what it would be like to be transformed into a Slutty Whore or turned into a Sissy Slut and being taken by force? Or maybe you just crave that silky soft lingerie gently touching your body and arousing your senses...maybe you like wearing pantyhose and feeling the constraint of it all. How about letting Mistress Aurora apply your make up and turn you into a beautiful classy Woman or a Cum Slut Whore; you know, the one you truly yearn to be? I know you want to be pretty, tricked out, and smell as luscious as me, but you will never be as beautiful as I am.
Have  you ever suffered from endless nights of tossing and turning in your bed fighting those evil kinky desires, you know the ones you've been craving for years, the ones that keep your body burning and yearning to try but have not acted upon yet? Maybe your new to all of this and you want to find out the truth about yourself.
If you said yes to any of this, then it is clear that you need me and my skill set. I want to provide the best BDSM experience possible for you and me both, so please take a look at the rest of my site and decide if you'd like to book a session with me.
I'm looking forward to meeting you soon and helping you reach a new level of intimacy in your life. I love what I do and I am very crafty with it. I will never rush you out of your session unless I find you rude, drunk or uncontrollable. Each session is tailored around each SUBS need! Please do not let my videos scare you away! If you see me punching someone it's only because they asked for this type of session. I am of sound mind, I am not a loose nut in a jar or a man hater LOL!  I love using my Femininity and Sex Appeal to Seduce your mind, body & soul. I love to laugh, but only do so at your suffering or idiocy of the act. I love mind fucking and will have you hooked once you gaze deep into my eyes and take a look inside my Soul.
I was terribly abused as a child growing up, so I have a very cruel evil sadistic side to me; so I do know how to inflect some cruel painful tortures if requested,   For your sake do not ever walk into my dungeon with a macho attitude, cause I will certainly Bitch Slap you down! Other than that, I think we will get along just fine! What do you think? 

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A Few Of My Achievements

Gallery Magazine Mistress Aurora
Some Achievements: Back in the 80's, I did a layout for Penthouse Magazine and Gallery, and made the cover page for Gallery. I am a former National Champion Fitness Competitor and National Champion Bodybuilder. I began my career in 2004 and ended in 2009. I lifted weights my whole life, so building muscle for me was very easy with proper diet and exercise. I do not lift anymore or look like I once did. I could not take the year round diet / training, needing to give my body a break from lifting due to surgeries and burnout. I am still very strong and love to overpower men. I have studied Krav Maga, a self defense system. I have been a personal trainer because I have loved helping others achieve their goals. I went to collage for four years to get a degree in commercial product photography
My thoughts: I typically don't share things I have done, but it seems some of you Subs have a desire or need to be with a Dom who has been a "porn star". I have never ventured down this road nor do I want to. I have my own accomplishments and public persona with international appeal. But "NO", I am not going to give you my real name so you can research me on the web. Only Subs closest to my heart get this info! More importantly, being in porn doesn't translate to being an effective Dom. Don't be fooled into thinking just because someone fucked and sucked cock for a living that this makes her a great Dom! That only makes her a Dom whom you may pay extra for to suck your cock or fuck you.